5 Main reasons why our international clients wish to import with us

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IBMH is really a company that inspires confidence and seriousness. That is why a lot of companies contact us in order that we make sure they are all their purchasing management in China. We’re proud to offer the support of several companies of Latin American countries including Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Argentina or Nicaragua, as well as several Europe, including Spain, France, Italy, Poland and Portugal. Even we now have clients far away, such us Australia or Russia.

However, our expansion doesn’t end here, and we’re contacting businesses in new countries. What are reasons? Our clients gain a big benefit from the activities that people perform for their companies and they are also surprised in how where perform it. We’re going to explain you in 5 steps the reason why we love to being different.

1- Our main virtue is the fact that we pursue an idea of excellence in everything we do, working and enjoying simultaneously. So, it is always good in order to do and feel both things at the same time

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2- At IBMH we stock out an activity of continuous improvement over time, with which we pursue business excellence in the service we offer to any or all our clients. That is shown within our usual response time within Twenty four hours to any or all requests made by our customers.

3- Our customers can consult instantly 24 hours a day any information regarding the efforts that IBMH holds because of their company throughout China. Don’t you find it great?

4- Our figure as buying agents in China is absolutely essential to perform imports smoothly, while wrongly we are able to be categorized as intermediaries. The reality is that do not mediate purchases for clients, who always purchase straight from china manufacturer.

5- The reality is that we have been section of the corporate structure of our clients, becoming their unique ‘Purchasing office in China’. In addition, without involving all them any fix charge. Our customers say: ‘With IBMH I get better purchase prices and therefore I be capable of be competitive’.